Art space within reach
2015-11-30   Source: ViewTimes:1105

Near a large lotus pond and wetland in the suburban area of Chengdu is Blue Roof Artist Village, a residential community for over one hundred artists. Living such a country style life gives the artists inspiration for their art creation. In return, they bring nourishing changes to the villages there. Blue Roof Artist Village is a model art space of originality among many in Chengdu.

In Chengdu, There are also other famous artist villages like Blue Roof Artist Village that are considered representatives of Chinese modern art, such as Xicun, Nongyuan and so on. The prosperity of Chengdu modern art created a cultural atmosphere throughout city that successfully attracted an enormous amount of art resources and artists, which has been a great boost for the development of art market and cultural industries of Chengdu.

Art galleries and salons in Chengdu have also gained rapid development. Art exhibitions or art forums are being held merely on a daily basis in every art gallery and salon in the city. Statistics show that by October 2014, there are more than 100 art galleries and salons in Chengdu., not to mention those in smaller scales. Enormous amount of art spaces, diverse art activities and dynamic artwork market represent a f ine art ecology of Chengdu.

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